Q& A: Mr. Popular…for a reason, Aaron Anaya

I was in lending for 12 years and I’m always interested in who the local lenders are wherever I go. I want to see how they do business since I inevitably still get calls from old clients who want to refi/purchase to this day and I refer the business to someone I trust. I’ve been sending them to Joyie Francisco at the The Francisco Mortgage team for the past year. I like her style of business; she’s communicative, gets the job done, and isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, therefore, you won’t be misled or waste time with her. So as happy as I am with Joyie, I was also equally shocked when I saw her posting about ANOTHER mortgage originator, Aaron Anaya. I didn’t know she had someone else on her team since she’s been so good handling all the people I send her way, but it makes sense why she’s so on top of things. Apparently he’s awesome as well since he was nominated for the best mortgage broker in El Paso by the City Magazine.

Now I’ve never heard of this particular magazine and apparently the only qualification to be nominated is to have people put in your name. That didn’t sit right with me since it seems like it’s a popularity contest. I asked Joyie to introduce me to Aaron so I can ask him some questions before I voted. We met up for coffee at 2Ten Roasters, which is quickly becoming my favorite morning hangout.

He’s a very calm and chill dude in person, definitely can see why people are reassured talking to him since he’s more of a numbers backend kinda guy. He knows his lending guidelines, since as a Loan Originator, he can shop around for the best pricing and programs at MANY different lenders. He also does ridiculously hard loans, like investor loans (5+ units), bad credit, flips, etc. He seems to enjoy the challenge, and I can see why he’s on Joyie’s team.

I asked him 3 questions which lets me know what kind of businessman he is and I’ll share it with you here (in his own words):

Why do you do what you do?
—- I like helping people buy a home. Home ownership is such a big part of the American dream and I like helping people achieve that.

Are you local? How local? Background please…
—- I was born and raised in El Paso. I was homeschooled from Kindergarten to the end of highschool and I went to UTEP and got a bachelors degree in accounting.

Why do you think people like working with you?
—- People like working with me because I’m easy to work with, honest, and tell it like it is. I walk people through the whole process and make sure that they understand what’s happening and what the costs. I want them to be as informed as possible, this is the biggest purchase of their life and I want them to feel like they understand what’s going in the transaction.

So there you have it, he’s won my vote as one of the best lenders in El Paso. If I have someone who has a difficult transaction I’ll definitely recommend him. It’s even better that he’s part of a team I already send business to and trust with my referrals.

Go VOTE for him HERE if you have a minute and have read the above and like what he represents of El Paso. I think you can vote once a day, and let’s make it a non-popularity contest. It probably helps his name is first because of the alphabetical order.  😂 #supportlocal

Aaron Anaya with Nexa Mortgage, LLC NMLS 1750333/1660690

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