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Live Border Cameras

Live cameras! Super helpful if you want to see what the traffic looks like at the border bridge crossings! Links here: NORTH PASS BRIDGE LERDO EXPRESS LINE […]

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Food Reviews

Feng Cha is…Just Fine

Holy diabetes Batman! I stumbled on their soft opening from 1pm-8pm after dinner at Aguachiles next door. They were very busy and already ran out of desserts. I ordered their […]

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Rubik’s Bar-Cade

Rubik’s Arcade Bar had a pinball tournament this past weekend and it was my 1st time there. Some things I didn’t know about them: 🕹️ they’re super kid friendly for […]

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Food Reviews

Chinese Small Bites

Went to a new “izakaya” in the Far East. I was excited because I loved going to Japanese bars after work and getting BBQ meat in skewers (yakitori). Unfortunately, Grill […]

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