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Boozy Ice Cream Barlour

We went to the actual Grand Opening starting today and it was a lot of fun, especially for the kiddos. I thought it would be weird for kids at night, […]

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Current Events

Live Border Cameras

Live cameras! Super helpful if you want to see what the traffic looks like at the border bridge crossings! Links here: NORTH PASS BRIDGE LERDO EXPRESS LINE […]

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The Cirque is Coming!

Feeling Stressed? No need to BUG OUT of El Paso…they’re coming to us! Cirque Du Soleil OVO is coming to Don Haskins for a few select nights from Sept. 15-18 […]

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Food Reviews

Cedar and Vine

I can’t sleep. It’s hot and humid and I have no AC right now. It’s balls hot, if I had balls. 🥵 Because we have had no AC since yesterday […]

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Activities Reviews

Afterschool Programs Rocks

If you’re looking for afterschool activities that will engage your kids and not only will they have fun, but also learn as well, I highly recommend Snapology and Young Rembrandts.

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Asian (Food) Invasion?

Delicious changes are coming….and I wanted to repost this as I pretty much called it last year. I was driving down Mesa today coming back from an awesome lunch at […]

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Om Salon

Just visited Christy Ellison at OM salon off Thunderbird. There are 2 in the same vicinity, the other one is off Belvidere. I called them asking why it wasn’t open […]

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Be Cool

When your entire neighborhood blacks out yesterday…and it’s 105°F. ⚡🌡️🥵 Please check on neighbors and friends in this weather. I went to a couple of neighbors yesterday and an older […]

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