Northeast Treats

Hanging around the Northeast today getting stuff from Arirang and E-Mart for my Korean BBQ tomorrow and hit up Boozy Tacos and the new Teapioca which are literally right next […]

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Food Reviews

Feng Cha is…Just Fine

Holy diabetes Batman! I stumbled on their soft opening from 1pm-8pm after dinner at Aguachiles next door. They were very busy and already ran out of desserts. I ordered their […]

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Current Events Food

Asian (Food) Invasion?

Delicious changes are coming….and I wanted to repost this as I pretty much called it last year. I was driving down Mesa today coming back from an awesome lunch at […]

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Getting Wrecked at Weck’s El Paso

I’ve been waiting to try out New Mexico breakfast favorite, Weck’s, which opened in El Paso 3 days ago. It’s open from 7am-2pm on the Westside off Mesa where the […]

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